Male Infertility

Male Infertility

Male Infertility services offered in Midtown East, New York City, New York, NY

The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, provides proven solutions. Infertility specialist Mike Berkley, LAc, FABORM, ensures men get the proper testing and holistic treatments to provide the answers they have been looking for and the effective care they need. To learn more about the solutions available for male infertility, reach out to the New York City office by phone or online today.

Male Infertility Q & A

What is male infertility?

If one year of consistent unprotected sex has not resulted in pregnancy for a female partner, male infertility may be the cause. This is a deeply personal problem and can be distressing, but understanding where the problem stems from opens the door to solutions.

What are the most common causes of male infertility?

Poor motility, poor morphology, low sperm count and sperm DNA fragmentation can all cause male-factor infertility.

DNA fragmentation is when the genetic material within the sperm is damaged, making it much more difficult to achieve pregnancy and avoid miscarriage.

What treatments are available for male infertility?

The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness offers a range of effective reproductive health treatments, including Acupuncture.

Acupuncture improves blood flow to your testes, delivering oxygen, hormones, electrolytes, and nutrients where you need them for reproductive health. This frequently improves count, morphology, volume, and motility. It can also reduce sperm DNA fragmentation.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine treats various sperm anomalies. The professional guidance of a board-certified herbalist ensures all herbal formulas are safe and effective.  The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness customizes your herbal medicine treatment plan to address your issues.

These natural formulas are designed to support sperm health and address the significant issues contributing to poor sperm quality.

Mike can also provide telehealth consultations to national and international patients, offering his decades of fertility expertise and working with your doctors or acupuncturists to assist your fertility journey.

To learn more about customized care for male infertility, contact The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness by phone or online today.