Why can diets lead to infertility?

Dec 21, 2023
Why can diets lead to infertility?
Posted By Ludmila Goncharova

Diets should be taken very carefully, because sometimes they can lead to unpleasant consequences,  immunologist Ludmila Goncharova (Russia) says.

According to her, it is the hormonal system that controls reproductive function in a woman's body. Rigid diets, when the body is deprived of most of the vitamins and minerals it needs, affect not only the appearance of a woman: the hormonal background also suffers.

"The harm of rapid weight loss is fraught with health consequences: the skin loses elasticity, the menstrual cycle is disrupted, and the risk of infertility increases. Weeks of starvation can provoke hormonal problems. As a result, you fought against fat, but you got even more fat. In such a situation, hormones seem to cling to the fat layer, not allowing the body to lose weight," said the specialist.

If you're on a strict diet and you notice that your menstrual cycle is disrupted, she said, this should alarm you. Excessive thinning of adipose tissue may make your periods irregular, or even disappear. According to the specialist, if this problem is not solved, you may have problems with conception in the future.

According to the expert, it is possible to lose weight safely, if you approach the restrictions in food wisely and rationally. But it is better not to engage in amateurism, and to consult with a competent specialist, who will take into account all your individual characteristics and make up an appropriate menu.