Want to Pay SIGNIFICANTLY LESS for IVF? Read on...

Dec 21, 2023
Want to Pay SIGNIFICANTLY LESS for IVF? Read on...
Posted By Andrew Coutts

I have been promoting the option of traveling for fertility treatments for ten years via the International Fertility Company (IFC). In that time, I have personally visited over 150 clinics and we currently work across 27 countries.

Just prior to the first Covid lockdowns in 2020, IFC undertook the largest-ever fertility patient survey to understand the reasons why people traveled, and what information they sought. Amongst the six hundred participants, 77% had not traveled previously but had begun to actively seek treatment. Nearly half were seeking egg donor treatments, 32% wanted IVF treatments using their own gametes and 10% were looking to travel for surrogacy. The majority of participants (57%) were aged between 25 and 44.

The overwhelming main reason for travel was cost, with 70% indicating this was the case. However, there were a number of other reasons suggested for traveling including access to donors, wanting treatments that were not available in their home country, and seeking high success rates that were provided by specialist clinics.

One of the most interesting and perhaps not surprising things that came from the research was the enormous appetite for more information. Over 80% of participants said they would seek the help of a specialist travel/IVF company prior to deciding upon a country or clinic, and 70% were in favor of personalized live consultations with IVF travel experts.

With this in mind, I created IVF Travels, a concierge service for patients. The company provides packages of support for individuals and couples which includes a clinic finder service, free medical consultations, and accompanied clinic visits if required. Clients pay a one off fee for services and they have access to clinics in 27 countries.

To celebrate the launch of IVF Travels I am visiting a number of countries, offering free non-medical consultation, clinic finder service and a follow-up medical consultation for individuals and couples interested in traveling for fertility treatment.

The first of these events in 2023 will be held in New York where I will be offering consultations between February 8 – 11. Face-to-face consultations will take place at the Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness, 16 East, 40th Street, New York, and online slots are also available. The sessions will run from 10 am through to 8 pm.

Book your free one-hour consultation via andrew@internalfertilitycompany.com