Ovarian Rejuvination

Dec 21, 2023
Ovarian Rejuvination
Posted By mike berkley

We are now offering patients low level light therapy for ovarian rejuvenation in New York City.

What does the research suggest about LLLT for Infertility?

There is preliminary evidence for the effectiveness of LLLT in treating infertility, with more research needed. A study that was performed in an IVF center in Japan, used LLLT in women with low or undetectable AMH levels. Out of 188 patients treated, almost 56% reported pregnancy and 38% reported live births. This study was conducted from April 2010 to November 2015 on patients with low or undetectable AMH levels. For better understanding, out of thirteen patients with an AMH level of 0.1, six patients were found to achieve a clinical pregnancy and five patients gave birth. An extension of this study showed 50% pregnancy rates.

A study in Denmark showed a 66% pregnancy rate in women who had struggled with infertility of 4 or more years with failure of ART procedures.

Although there are only a few studies on the effectiveness of LLLT, several case studies have been reported that LLLT is effective in ovarian age reversal and thus, can be used effectively to treat infertility, especially in the patients with low AMH levels. More clinical research is needed, although the preliminary studies show high potential for LLLT to be a valuable method to optimizing fertility in women undergoing natural or artificial conception.