How Seraphina Conceived

Jan 22, 2024
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Approximately 14 years ago, Seraphina sought the guidance of a traditional Chinese medicine herbalist due to her struggles with infertility.

Seraphina faced about six years of challenges in conceiving after her marriage. Initially, she took a wait-and-see approach during the first year, but as time passed, she sought answers. Consulting her general practitioner (GP), she was prescribed medication to facilitate ovulation. However, this method proved ineffective. Subsequently, she tried several IVF attempts. These also didn’t work.

Following unsuccessful attempts with conventional methods,

Intrigued by a TV segment featuring a Chinese herbalist, Seraphina decided to explore this alternative.

Seraphina turned to a traditional Chinese herbalist after her last failed IVF cycle.

Walking into the herbalist's clinic, Seraphina was greeted by numerous photos of babies, thank-you letters, and cards, instilling a sense of inspiration for the next phase of her fertility journey.

Turning to Chinese herbs, Seraphina experienced two pregnancies. The first, occurring in the initial month, sadly ended in a miscarriage at six weeks. Undeterred, she embarked on another cycle of Chinese herbs after her menstrual cycle resumed, resulting in a successful pregnancy. Today, her daughter Evangeline is nearly 12 years old.

Seraphina wholeheartedly attributes her daughter's existence to the herbal treatment she received. Reflecting on the quick conception after years of fertility treatments, Seraphina considers it a miracle. She wishes she had explored this alternative earlier, avoiding the physical and emotional toll of IUIs and IVFs