Acupuncture: A Promising Approach to Reduce Sperm DNA Fragmentation in Male Infertility

Dec 21, 2023
Acupuncture: A Promising Approach to Reduce Sperm DNA Fragmentation in Male Infertility
Posted By Mike Berkley, L.Ac.



Infertility is a pressing concern for many couples worldwide, affecting approximately 10-15% of couples of reproductive age. Male factor infertility contributes to nearly 50% of these cases, and sperm DNA fragmentation is emerging as a significant contributor to reduced fertility. Sperm DNA fragmentation refers to the damage or breaks in the DNA strands within sperm cells, which can impair their ability to fertilize an egg and lead to miscarriages or birth defects. In recent years, acupuncture has gained attention as a potential complementary therapy to reduce sperm DNA fragmentation and improve male fertility. This article explores the potential benefits of acupuncture in addressing this issue.

Understanding Sperm DNA Fragmentation

Sperm DNA fragmentation is a complex issue caused by various factors, including oxidative stress, smoking, advanced age, exposure to environmental toxins, and underlying medical conditions. High levels of sperm DNA fragmentation are associated with reduced fertility, lower pregnancy rates, and an increased risk of miscarriage. It is, therefore, crucial to find effective interventions to mitigate this problem.

Acupuncture: An Ancient Practice for Modern Challenges

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical practice that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body. It has been used for centuries to treat various health conditions and is increasingly being explored as a potential therapy for male infertility.

Reducing Sperm DNA Fragmentation with Acupuncture

Several studies have investigated the impact of acupuncture on sperm DNA fragmentation, and the results are promising. A 2019 study published in "Andrology" found that acupuncture effectively reduced sperm DNA fragmentation in men with infertility issues. The researchers noted a significant decrease in DNA fragmentation after acupuncture treatments. This suggests that acupuncture may help repair DNA damage in sperm cells, improving their fertility potential.

Another study published in the journal "Fertility and Sterility" in 2018 explored the effects of acupuncture on men undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

Mechanisms of Action

The mechanisms through which acupuncture reduces sperm DNA fragmentation are not fully understood, but several theories have been proposed. One hypothesis is that acupuncture reduces oxidative stress, a known contributor to DNA damage in sperm cells. Acupuncture may also enhance blood flow to the testes, providing essential nutrients and oxygen to support healthy sperm production.


Male infertility due to sperm DNA fragmentation is a significant concern for couples trying to conceive. While more research is needed to fully understand acupuncture's mechanisms and long-term effects on sperm DNA integrity, existing studies suggest that acupuncture may be a valuable complementary therapy for men facing this issue. Acupuncture appears to reduce sperm DNA fragmentation and improve fertility potential, offering hope to couples on their journey to parenthood.

It is essential to approach acupuncture as part of a comprehensive fertility treatment plan, working in consultation with a qualified acupuncturist and a reproductive specialist. By combining traditional wisdom with modern medical knowledge, couples can explore the potential benefits of acupuncture in their quest to build a family.


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